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Safeguard OSH Solutions - Thomson Reuters

Safeguard OSH Solutions - Thomson Reuters

Safeguard Climate Survey

The innovative safety culture survey developed in New Zealand and available worldwide!

This is an anonymous online and/or print survey of all your staff. It covers risk, communications, safety, health, and wellbeing. It is universal. All your staff will know the answer to all questions.

Why do it?

  • To genuinely engage your staff in health, safety and wellbeing
  • To obtain new ideas for improvement.
  • To create a lead indicator identifying your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • To benchmark your organisational performance against others.
  • To help focus your programme where it will do most to reduce risk.

Dave Williams, QHSE Manager with GEA Process Engineering, said: The simplicity of the Safeguard survey process, the ethics of the data collection and management, the prompt analysis of the responses, and the clarity of the insights revealed, were extremely valuable for developing meaningful responses to some hidden workplace physical, mental, and social H&S issues.

Joan Gemmell, health & safety and training manager with Damar Industries, said: We found it easy to administer. The results were extensive, informative and easy to interpret. We found it confirmed a lot of the attitudes we knew were out there but it also uncovered a few surprises. The information will help us shape our planning for the coming year and we would definitely recommend it as a valuable tool to get a picture of your employees’ perceptions on health and safety.


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