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Accident Compensation Cases

Good v Accident Compensation Corporation (DC, 04/09/09)

Judgment Text

Judge M J Beattie
On 17 November 2008 the ACC Appeals Registry received a Notice of Appeal on behalf of the appellant in relation to a Review decision dated 14 October 2008. That appeal was lodged by the appellant's solicitor, Ms Alexandra Bligh. 
Consequent upon the filing of that Notice of Appeal, the Registry wrote to Ms Bligh setting out the requirements for the progression of the appeal, and in particular referred to requirements contained in a Practice Note. 
Despite reminder letters no step has been taken by the appellant to progress the appeal and no explanation for failing to do so has been provided to the Registry. 
By letter dated 4 August 2009, Ms Bligh was advised that this appeal would be listed for mention on Wednesday, 19 August 2009, at which time it was requested that the Court be advised of progress in the prosecution of this appeal. 
On 19 August 2009 the appeal was called in the Dunedin District Court at the time so nominated, and there was no appearance of the appellant nor anyone representing him. 
Mr I Hunt appeared as counsel representing the respondent. 
As a consequence of there being no appearance of the appellant or counsel, this appeal is dismissed pursuant to Section 161(3)(a) and (b) of the Act. 

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