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Accident Compensation Cases

Komene v Accident Compensation Corporation (DC, 12/09/02)

Judgment Text

A W Middleton Judge
The appellant lodged an appeal on 2 March 2001 “towards application of his travel expenses”
The Registry wrote to the appellant on three occasions in the following months. The letters were sent to an address in Australia that the appellant had provided in his notice of appeal. 
As there was no response further letters were sent by the Registry to a Tauranga address being the address used by the appellant on various file papers during the preceding few years. 
The last letter to this address was on 25 July 2002 but this was returned with the endorsement “not at this address”
There has been no contact from the appellant since his original letter of 2nd March 2001 giving notice of appeal. 
I therefore STRIKE OUT this Appeal for want of prosecution. 

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