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Accident Compensation Cases

Hati v Accident Compensation Corporation (DC, 06/10/03)

Judgment Text

Judge P F Barber
Niki Hati is a minor. His advocate, Ms A de Jonge, filed his appeal on 2 November 2001. 
The Registrar asked several times for submissions. On 9 April 2002 Ms de Jonge advised that she could proceed no further. She had lost contact with the appellant and his mother, they had moved and had not left any contact details with her. 
On 17 April 2002 the Registrar wrote to Mrs Hati, asking what her intentions were. A reply to that letter has not been received. 
The Registrar made other attempts to contact Mrs Hati but he was unsuccessful. 
As no progress has been made to prosecute this appeal it is dismissed due to lack of prosecution. 

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