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Accident Compensation Cases

Callaghan v Accident Compensation Corporation (ACAA, 31/08/15)

Judgment Text

D J Plunkett Member
This is an appeal by Christopher Mark Callaghan against the decision of a review officer of 4 June 2015 concerning an accident on 1 August 2013. 
The Authority has jurisdiction only over decisions made by the Corporation under the Accident Compensation Acts 1972 or 1982 arising out of accidents that occurred on or before 30 June 1992; Part 11, particularly section 391 Accident Compensation Act 2001. 
The Authority wrote to Mr Callaghan on 16 July and 12 August 2015 advising him that it had no jurisdiction to consider this appeal, which he was invited to withdraw and re-file in the District Court. He was informed that if he did not withdraw his appeal, a decision would be issued dismissing it. 
As the Authority has no jurisdiction, this appeal is dismissed. 

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