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SafePlus needs assessors

SafePlus needs assessors
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New Zealand

The work done for several years under the banner Safety Star Rating, and more recently as the Health and Safety Performance Tool, has been quietly launched under the official name of SafePlus.

The website describes it as an "educative performance improvement initiative" rather than a traditional compliance audit.

Safeguard understands an official launch function will be organised once the composition of the next Government is finalised, and that the first cohort of accredited assessors will be announced at the end of October.

A company called Tracecare won a tender process to become the independent accreditation body which will assess, accredit and train assessors. The accreditation process will cost $1720+GST, and if an applicant is accepted, the compulsory three-day assessment training course will cost a further $1720+GST. An assessor’s accreditation will last for three years. Applicants must be a member of a professional body which is a member of HASANZ; Safeguard understands assessors will also have to be on HASANZ’s own register of accredited practitioners once it goes live early next year.

There is no set fee for a business which requires a SafePlus assessment – that is a matter for each assessor and potential client to determine between themselves.

An online self-assessment tool, aimed at smaller businesses, will become available in mid-2018.



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Tracecare; HASANZ
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