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'Abandon ship' belief challenged

'Abandon ship' belief challenged
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New Zealand

A coroner has challenged the apparently common belief among ground fertiliser spreaders that should the truck get out of control the best course of action is to jump from it.

The Press reports coroner Brigitte Windley found that Chris Cornell, who died in 2015 when he jumped from his runaway fertiliser truck, would almost certainly have survived if he had remained on board – particularly if he had been wearing a seatbelt.

She found there was “folklore” among ground spreaders that urged them to “jump ship” should they lose control of their truck on a slope.

A serious crash analyst gave evidence that whether a truck was rolling backwards in a straight line – as in this case – or rolling, the safest course of action was to remain on board.

The coroner has asked the New Zealand Groundspread Fertilisers’ Association to work with WorkSafe to ensure spreaders wear seatbelts and to understand best practice is to remain with the vehicle.



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Brigitte Windley
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WorkSafe; New Zealand Groundspread Fertilisers' Associatin
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