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New incentive design

New incentive design
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New Zealand

ACC is taking a customer-centred approach to designing a new incentive programme to encourage businesses to improve workplace health and safety, though any replacement for the now withdrawn WSMP and WSD probably won’t be launched until April 2019.

Paul Gimblett, ACC’s head of workplace health and safety, told the Safeguard conference that the corporation’s previous approach to product design had been “pretty bad” and had involved identifying a problem, ACC coming up with a solution, seeking feedback, and then implementing it.

“Now, we start with the customer and work our way back out to the solution. It’s different for us and a bit scary, but it’s innovative.”

ACC’s aspiration, he said, is for its programme of work to be driven by business. “You tell us the problems you are facing. We want to understand the challenges, the constraints, the enablers. Then we’ll bring you in to a co-design process.” ACC has adopted a human-centred design framework, with a nod to the work of the UK’s Professor Susan Michie, who specialises in the design of behaviour change interventions.

Regarding a new incentives model, Gimblett said initial workshops have been run and many insights already received, including that non-work injuries are just as disruptive to an organisation as work injuries.

He expects the design of the incentive to take a year in order to hear the voice of business and to deal with complex issues such as experience rating.

Soon the project will enter a ‘diverge’ stage where some 60 or 70 possible solutions already suggested will be fleshed out. By November the project will enter a ‘converge’ stage where ACC will propose what the incentive could look like. During 2018 further work will be done to refine the details, and pricing should be finalised by November next year. The incentive product will be available from April 2019.

“Our test is: are we meeting the challenge the Taskforce gave us – to lift the health and safety system, and to get business to be continuously improving? This is our transformative moment. If we can create a great incentive scheme it will support the work you are doing.”

Gimblett invited delegates to get in touch if they wish to be involved.



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