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ACC: more bang for its buck

ACC: more bang for its buck
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New Zealand

Every dollar it spends on injury prevention nets ACC a reduction of $1.87 in claims, an improvement on the previous year’s $1.60 return, according to evidence presented to Parliament’s Transport and Industrial Relations Committee.

In its 2015/16 annual review of ACC, the committee was told the corporation spent $50m on injury prevention in that year, compared to $30m in 2014/15. The number of injury prevention programmes it runs has increased to 120, up from 53 programmes under way at the start of 2016. (Note: this data relates to all injury prevention, not just workplace injury prevention.)

The number of new claims went up, from 1.8m during 2014/15 to 1.9m in 2015/16. ACC told the committee it had under-estimated the growth in claims in the past and was working to improve its predictive ability. A key factor influencing claim rates is the strength of the economy, as more economic activity generates more work-related claims as more people participate in the labour force.

The committee was told new workers have a higher claim rate because they are less skilled, and that the recent growth in employment had occurred in higher risk industries.

ACC was unable to tell the committee what impact increased migration had on claims as it does not collect a claimant’s migration status, but said migration was not a problem as migrants paid levies which would cover any additional claims.



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Transport and Industrial Relations Committee; ACC
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