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What DHBs are doing

What DHBs are doing
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New Zealand

District Health Boards believe they are effectively managing fatigue levels for all staff, including junior doctors.

In response to questions from Safeguard, the boards indicated that they have a variety of policies and practices in place to identify and manage fatigue.

Different regions have adopted differing approaches, but the strategies in place include:

  • providing education about personal wellbeing, both at orientation and in subsequent H&S campaigns;
  • briefing managers and/or health and safety reps to watch for signs of fatigue;
  • fully investigating any fatigue issues that are reported;
  • encouraging self-referrals to an occupational health nurse or EAP provider; and
  • providing on-site sleeping facilities.

Members of the NZ Resident Doctors’ Association are expected to strike between Tuesday and Thursday this week because of concerns about fatigue-related safety issues, which they attribute to the current rostering system. Under present rosters they can be required to work twelve consecutive 16-hour day shifts, and up to seven consecutive night shifts.



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