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Call for one professional body

Call for one professional body
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New Zealand

George Adams, chair of the Business Leaders’ Health and Safety Forum, told the HASANZ conference that in his view there should be only one professional body for health and safety people, namely HASANZ, and that existing professional bodies such as NZISM and NZOHNA should become special interest groups within it.

Expanding on his remarks, he told Safeguard his proposal would enable back-office efficiencies, the creation of a single point of contact, a uniform approach to quality, a bigger voice in advocacy, better marketing, and a collective ability to attract and retain permanent staff.

The result would be a single body with an independent viable commercial future which presented a professional face to the business world seeking advice.

HASANZ chair Craig Smith told Safeguard that debate on the future evolution of the health and safety sector is healthy, but that for now HASANZ is focused on delivering the first national, online register of verified H&S professionals.

He said HASANZ already provides a unified advocacy voice for the sector and already acts as a first point of contact for business and government regarding H&S professionals.

“HASANZ is already delivering many of the benefits George believes a single H&S body would deliver and we’re looking at opportunities for back-office efficiencies, while respecting the differences between our member associations and their affiliated members.”



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George Adams; Craig Smith
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