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State of play: CEOs

State of play: CEOs
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New Zealand

The organisers of a survey of New Zealand chief executives say the respondents show strong commitment to improving health and safety but do not necessarily consistently reflect that in their daily practice.

The 2016 Health & Safety Leadership Survey, run by Deloitte and the Business Leaders' Health and Safety Forum, sampled the views of 133 CEOs, 40 percent of whom run companies with annual revenue of $100m or more.

Deloitte partner Rodger Murphy noted that despite "very encouraging" pockets of excellence, the survey revealed "a hint of complacency ... suggesting that some businesses might not actually be as safe as their leaders believe them to be."

Forum executive director Francois Barton said the overall results are encouraging and offer a view of what good practice looks like, but "there are some gaps between the commitment of our business leaders and the reality of health and safety practice on the ground".

The report's authors highlighted these findings:

  • Board engagement with H&S is high but discussion appears to focus on incidents and risk management, despite awareness that engaging workers is also important.
  • There is confidence that H&S risks are well managed but a third of respondents say that the risks in their business aren't well described.
  • There is a considerable amount of reporting on H&S but less than a third of respondents say they get useful analysis explaining what the data means and what its implications are.
  • Most CEOs are very confident about the H&S capabilities of their people but there are low levels of specialist qualifications among senior H&S managers.
  • Culture and worker participation are seen as key to improving H&S performance but efforts to improve safety culture are patchy.

Other points noted by Safeguard include the respondents' self-rating their organisational maturity on the starting/reactive/managing/proactive/leading scale. Just over 50% self-rated as proactive and a bit over 10% self-rated as leading. However half don't run surveys to help them understand their organisation's maturity.

In a related finding, the most common challenge identified in their bid to improve H&S performance was staff culture and engaging workers. Nearly a quarter of respondents rated the effectiveness of worker participation in H&S as very poor or somewhat poor.


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Rodger Murphy; Francois Barton
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Business Leaders Health and Safety Forum; Deloitte
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