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Safeguard OSH Solutions - Thomson Reuters

Alert24 - Safeguard Update

Special wrap-up edition

Special wrap-up edition
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New Zealand

The Alert24 email delivery system will be shut down tonight and won't resume until Tuesday 5 January, so here is a special 'Breaking News' Friday edition to wrap up the last few items of the year.

The next edition of Alert24 Safeguard Update will appear on Monday 11 January. Merry Christmas!


Karen Anne McLanachan and Kenneth Rae McLanachan

The owners of a farm near Gisborne were fined $20,000 and ordered to pay reparation of $50,000 after their farm manager broke his neck and sustained permanent brain damage when his quad bike hit a large tree while he was rounding up his dogs. He was not wearing a helmet. The key failure was not having hazard identification and controls in place, resulting in a lack of clear direction that anyone operating a quad bike must wear the helmet that had been provided.

Blakely Construction Ltd

Fined $45,000 for failing to identify and manage asbestos at a Christchurch demolition site. The company had hired an asbestos contractor to remove asbestos-containing roofing sheets. The contractor notified Blakely of further asbestos contamination on site but Blakely instructed its staff to carry on with demolition. As a result, further roofing sheets were uncovered and broken up.

Seventh-day Adventist Church Property Trustee (NZ) Ltd

Fined $46,000 and ordered to pay reparation of $40,000 after a woman attending a team building event fell three metres at Tui Ridge Park near Rotorua. She was being belayed to the ground by colleagues who had been instructed by Tui Ridge staff. One of them lost control and pulled the wrong lever, causing her to fall. She suffered spinal fractures and a spinal cord injury. The level of instructor qualification and supervision was found to be inadequate.

Albert Karakatu Pahina

The truck driver had his appeal against his sentence declined. He had been convicted of seven charges, including driving for 27 hours without a break, and was disqualified from driving for two months and ordered to complete 120 hours of community work. His employer, Waho Transport Ltd, and a number of its directors and staff, are also before the courts for related offences.

Ngareti Albert Taha

The truck driver was convicted of multiple offences relating to falsifying his logbook entries to cover up his excessive work hours, which he felt obliged to work because of pressure to meet delivery schedules and retain his job. His offending came to light after a serious crash on the Takaka Hill. His employer at the time, Dynes Transport Tapanui, is also under investigation.


Other news

Woman diagnosed with mesothelioma

A 44-year-old Auckland woman is one of the youngest people in New Zealand to have been diagnosed with the asbestos disease mesothelioma. Her doctor thinks she may have been exposed to asbestos as a child via dust on her electrician father's work clothes.

WorkSafe offers CPD for certificate holders in the extractives sector

All holders of a Certificate of Competence who work in mining, quarrying and tunnelling will be able to take advantage of new continuing professional development requirements which come into force in January.

Home owner's demolition frustration

An Auckland woman tells of her frustration at getting a prompt response from Auckland Council and WorkSafe NZ after observing dangerous practices during a demolition at the house next door.

Police opt for random drug testing

NZ Police are to introduce a random drug testing policy in 2016, supposedly in response to the new Health and Safety at Work Act.


Survey of women working in health & safety

Safeguard is running a brief survey for women who work as health and safety practitioners or occupational health nurses in New Zealand. A summary of the responses will appear in the Jan/Feb edition of the magazine. No individual respondent will be identified. You can take the survey here.



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Karen Anne McLanachan; Kenneth Rae McLanachan; Ngareti Albert Taha; Albert Karakatu Pahina
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Blakely Construction; Seventh-day Adventist Church Property Trustee (NZ);
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