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UK: Worker dies in autoclave

UK: Worker dies in autoclave
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Tyre manufacturer Pirelli has been fined £150,000 after a worker at its Carlisle plant in England died when he was accidentally locked in an industrial autoclave that could neither be opened nor shut down from inside.

The autoclave uses pressurised steam to heat rubber beads to temperatures of up to 145°C.  Workers were known to enter the 5 metre chamber between cycles to retrieve fallen beads, but there was no procedure requiring the chamber to be checked before the autoclave was activated.

On the day of the fatality – a Sunday afternoon in September 2012 – the autoclave door was sealed and the heating switched on about 4pm, but it was not realised that someone was inside the chamber until it was reopened some two hours later.

Pirelli was also ordered to pay prosecution costs of £47,000.



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