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Asbestos ban problematic

Asbestos ban problematic
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New Zealand

An asbestos national strategy does not necessarily mean there will be a ban on the importation of asbestos products, Mike Cosman told the recent LegalSafe conference in Auckland.

Responding to a delegate's question, he said the asbestos advisory group had unanimously agreed to such a ban, but because it would involve a variety of agencies and ministries it was not easy to implement. "You remember that childhood game of pass the parcel? That's what we're seeing."

"Most people agree there is no logic in banning the importation of raw asbestos but not products containing it," he said. " However WorkSafe can only deal with it in relation to the workplace, MBIE in relation to building and housing, Customs would have to enforce it at the border, and the Ministry for the Environment has a role because of international conventions. At the moment nobody seems willing to put their hand up and say let's just do it, and I am not optimistic."

Earlier in his presentation he said the new national strategy for asbestos management, developed in the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquakes, provides a model that could be used for other workplace carcinogens.



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Mike Cosman
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WorkSafe NZ; MBIE; Customs; Ministry for the Environment
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