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Adventure activities: contractor registration

Adventure activities: contractor registration
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New Zealand

WorkSafe NZ says it has received enquiries about whether contractors working in the adventure tourism sector are required to register their activities as part of the current process to tighten up health and safety.

In the latest edition of its Adventure Activities newsletter WorkSafe says it will soon publish guidance material to help contractors or principals determine if they need to register.

In the meantime, it says the following factors will generally determine if the contractor is providing the adventure activity:

  • The extent to which the contractor is required to follow the principal organisation's procedures (in particular, safety procedures) and is subject to the principal's detailed control and direction.
  • The extent to which the contractor administers the activity and organises the logistics, such as facilities and equipment.
  • The extent to which the promotional material and other documentation indicates that the activity is being provided by the contractor.
  • The extent to which the payment arrangements indicate that the contractor is engaged to provide the activity in their own right or as a whole package (e.g. as opposed to providing the activity as part and parcel of the principal's business, or being engaged on an hourly rate for their skills or labour).
  • Whether the activity is the same as or similar to the activities the contractor normally undertakes.
  • Whether the contractor carries out work for other organisations and is genuinely in business on their own.

Contractors unsure about the need to register can email for advice.


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