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Fatalities: 30% truck-related

Fatalities: 30% truck-related
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Nearly one-third of all work-related fatalities in Australia relate to the driving, loading or maintenance of trucks, according to a Safe Work Australia analysis of data from 2003 to 2012.

In that ten-year period 787 workers were killed in incidents related to trucks, which comprised 30% of all Australian workers killed in that time. The figures include truck drivers killed in vehicle crashes, plus workers who were working on or around a truck at the time of an incident.

The data showed that loading or unloading a vehicle accounted for 15% of the 787 fatalities, while repair and maintenance of trucks accounted for seven percent. Three-quarters of the deaths occurred on public roads involving vehicle crashes; of these, 39% were single-vehicle crashes.

Not surprisingly, the transport, postal and warehousing sector accounted for half the fatalities related to trucks, while construction accounted for 10% and agriculture, forestry and fishing a further eight percent.

Fully 94% of the deaths were male.

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