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Safeguard conference 2014

Safeguard conference 2014
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New Zealand

This year's Safeguard National Health and Safety Conference features three Australian perspectives to match the trans-Tasman flavour of our impending new health and safety legislation.

Dr Sharron O'Neill from Sydney's Macquarie University will examine the kind of information boards and senior management teams will need to inform their due diligence decisions - naturally, LTI data won't cut the mustard any more.

Genevieve Hawkins from Wesfarmers will challenge delegates to reconsider how to make an effective case for health and safety in light of the proposed new duties on directors and senior managers.

And Catherine Herriman from Leighton Contractors - ably supported by her New Zealand-based colleague Andrew Stevens - will look at a model the company has introduced to address life-changing risk while also matching the requirements of the Australian Model Act.

These speakers are of course joined by a talented bunch of New Zealanders giving a wide variety of perspectives on the broad church that is health and safety. This year there will also be brief presentations from four mystery speakers, just to keep us all on our toes.

The conference is at SkyCity Convention Centre in Auckland on 28-29 May. Full information is available here.


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Sharron O'Neill; Genevieve Hawkins; Catherine Herriman
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