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Safeguard OSH Solutions - Thomson Reuters

Alert24 - Safeguard Update

Time split: health, safety, wellness

Time split: health, safety, wellness
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New Zealand

Health and safety practitioners spend 25% of their time on occupational health issues, 60% on safety, and the remaining 14% on wellness, according to an online survey of 119 people to be published in the Jan/Feb edition of Safeguard.

Respondents were asked to consider the time they devote to safety, health and wellness and estimate the proportion of time they spend on each. They were also asked to select their area of practice - HS practitioner, OHS rep, occupational health nurse, occupational hygienist, occupational doctor - and to say if they worked within one organisation as an employee or across multiple organisations as a consultant.

The vast majority of responses came from HS practitioners (58 responses) and nurses (36 responses). Not surprisingly, nurses devoted the majority of their time to health issues (41.3%), and 33.3% of their time to wellness, leaving the rest - 26.2% - to safety.

There was a significant difference between the time employees spent on health (27.7%) compared to the time spent by consultants (43.2%), which mainly reflects that a much higher proportion of nurses than HS practitioners were consultants (nurses made up 58% of the 26 consultants compared to only 19% for HS practitioners).

The survey also asked how confident people were at dealing with occupational health issues. Not surprisingly, nurses came out on top (72.2% 'very confident') while only 24.1% of OHS practitioners reported feeling the same.

The full survey results in Safeguard will also identify the key occupational health issues faced by respondents.


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