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UK: Bad vibrations

UK: Bad vibrations
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The employer of a British man who suffered permanent nerve damage after operating vibrating machinery has been convicted under rarely used regulations. It has since automated the task.

The September edition of SHP reports that Rolls-Royce plc was fined £60,000 under the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations after a 55-year-old employee developed bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome eight months after starting work for the company.

His job required him to operate wet-blasting cabinets for up to nine hours a day. The cabinets were used to clean turbine blades, and in holding the blades while they were subjected to high-pressure water he was subjected to high levels of hand-arm vibration.

Investigating, the HSE found the company had failed to assess the vibration risks faced by workers using the equipment and had taken no measures to limit exposure or provide alternatives. The employee had not been included in its health surveillance programme, and had reported pins and needles, numbness and pain before being diagnosed.

After four months off work and four operations on his hands the injured employee rejoined the company in another role.


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