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Editorial: forest sector has blown its chance

Editorial: forest sector has blown its chance
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Comment & Analysis
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New Zealand

In a hard-hitting editorial, the Dominion Post says Pike River and the forestry death toll show that the era of light-handed health and safety regulation is over.

The editorial described Hancock Forest Management's response to two further deaths - in which the company exhorted workers to change their attitudes and emulate the All Blacks - as "wholly inadequate".

"It is not a change in attitudes that is required but a change in practices. The sorry tale of death and injury will continue till forest owners and contractors invest more in training, supervision and equipment and pay slightly less heed to the bottom line."

Noting the results to date of MBIE's recent visits to logging operations, the DomPost concluded: "Plainly the industry cannot be relied on to keep its workers safe. The Government must assume the responsibility with a rigorous, ongoing inspection regime. Too bad if it slows production. Forest owners and operators have had their chance. They blew it."


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Hancock Forest Management
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