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Coroner's advice on quad bikes

Coroner's advice on quad bikes
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New Zealand

Whangarei Coroner Brandt Shortland's concurrent inquest into the deaths of five people using quad bikes has endorsed MBIE's quad bike programme and makes the following recommendations:

  • That the term ATV should not be used.
  • A helmet should be used at all times when a quad bike is in use.
  • Continuation of training and education with the tertiary sector in relation to NZQA to review appropriate levels of training funding
  • Consideration should be given to supporting a multi-disciplinary taskforce to specifically research and advise on ROPS (roll over protection devices); endorses closer relationships with Australia to look to their developments at Federal and State level on ROPS; further consideration should be given to a specialist unit for quad bikes, tractors and farm machinery (perhaps as a joint venture between industry leaders and the New Zealand Government).
  • To have regular testing of after-market attachments.
  • To give thought to a better message about quad bike maintenance.
  • Consider having quad bikes licensed or warranted.
  • Consider fitting a warning signal or alarm when a quad bike is in reverse or on a slope and in danger of tipping.
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