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NZ link to Quebec rail disaster

NZ link to Quebec rail disaster
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New Zealand

The head of the US railway company whose runaway oil train killed around 50 people when it exploded and burned in Quebec was the chairman of Tranz Rail in the 1990s, the company created out of the privatisation of NZ Railways.

Ed Burkhardt is president of Rail World, the company which owns and operates the Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway. His online profile includes his time with Tranz Rail.

The BBC reported that in the last year, MMAR had 36.1 accidents per million miles travelled, compared to a (US) national average of 14.6.

In 2000 there was a Ministerial Enquiry into Tranz Rail's health and safety record, prompted by a number of rail worker fatalities.



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Ed Burkhardt
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Rail World; Tranz Rail; Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway
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