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Regulator's jurisdiction extends over Defence Force

Regulator's jurisdiction extends over Defence Force
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New Zealand

MBIE has confirmed that it has oversight of health and safety in the NZ Defence Force, including its compliance role.

The issue of MBIE's coverage of the military arose after a fatal RNZAF Iroquois crash in 2010, which it did not investigate. The State Services Commission later conducted a review of the coverage of the HSE Act with respect to its application to the operations of the NZDF.

The review was completed in December 2012. In making its recommendations the SSC acknowledged they should be viewed in light of those to be made several months later by the Independent Taskforce on Workplace Health and Safety. The SSC recommendations are:

  • MBIE to develop staff with expertise in military aviation and maritime operations to liaise with NZDF and conduct investigations;
  • MBIE to contract in outside technical expertise as required to assist with investigations;
  • MBIE to maintain links with NZ Police, Maritime New Zealand and the Civil Aviation Authority to better coordinate OHS across civil and military environments;
  • Amend the HSE Act to clarify that it applies to ships operated by NZDF;
  • Amend the HSE Act to allow a 12-month window to lay a charge, to enable NZ Police to pursue its OHS duties (as currently warranted) and to enable better investigation by all agencies warranted to prosecute under the act.





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MBIE; State Services Commission; NZ Defence Force
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