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Minister calls for united effort

Minister calls for united effort
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New Zealand

New Zealand has been given a unique opportunity to create a world class health and safety environment, but everyone must play a part, Minister of Labour Simon Bridges told the recent Safeguard National Health and Safety conference in Auckland.

As minister, Bridges said, he was committed to achieving international best practice within the 10-year timeframe suggested by the taskforce, but such an outcome would require personal responsibility and collaborative effort from everyone in the sector.

"I suggest we are pursuing too many agendas in parallel, and in doing so are not getting maximum value," he said. "Health and safety leaders become a far more effective force for good when they work together."

He challenged delegates to take personal responsibility for raising OHS standards across the board.

"I believe it is the duty of each person and organisations to step up and own the problem. Commit to its resolution, and work effectively with each other, and the regulator, to bring down the workplace toll. In my view success will come when we can take the best of what each is doing and, by joining together, add value to the overarching agenda."

He cited the recent development of OSH guidelines for company directors as a good example of such collaboration. "The guidelines were developed by the Institute of Directors and MBIE, with significant input from various employer and employee organisations. I'm really pleased with the way the process worked, and you can expect more similar initiatives very shortly."

Bridges said legislation to create the new stand-alone OHS agency will be introduced to parliament this month and is expected to become law in October. The new agency - which he named as WorkSafe New Zealand - will commence operation in December and a new, larger and more capable OHS inspectorate will be on the job by July 2014.

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