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Reaching an understanding

Reaching an understanding
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New Zealand

The New Zealand Safety Council and NZ Institute of Safety Management have signed a Memorandum of Understanding pledging joint support for industry-wide professional standards, after more than six months of negotiations.

NZISM national manager Tony Rigg says the two groups are setting up a working party, headed by the institute's operations manager Helen Parkes (who is also an active member of the Safety Council) to establish a set of minimum standards which all OHS practitioners must attain.

For the Safety Council, David Calvert says the critical issue facing the two groups will be agreement on this single competency standard - something he believes must also be enshrined in law to rid the industry of unqualified practitioners.

Rigg says that with the prospect of a new regulator and more robust legislation, the partnership being forged by the two professional bodies will ensure a united voice for all practitioners on key health and safety topics.

"There has been some confusion over the differences between the council and the institute, but at the end of the day, we both have the same goal - the prevention of harm and promotion of health within New Zealand workplaces. We're looking forward to working with the Safety Council to provide professional recognition for New Zealand health and safety practitioners."

Rigg notes that the release of the Taskforce report has given the professional bodies a boost.

"Our membership has increased by ten percent since the taskforce report came out, and we're probably getting up to ten applications a week. I was in Nelson last week looking at setting up a branch there, and we've also had requests come in from Napier, Hastings and Whangarei."

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David Calvert; Tony Rigg; Helen Parkes
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NZISM; NZ Safety Council
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