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Safety enhances business: proof

Safety enhances business: proof
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New Zealand

Health and safety requirements enhance business more than any other kind of compliance-based legislation, according to a survey of more than 5000 New Zealand businesses conducted by Statistics New Zealand.

The 2012 iteration of the biennial Business Operations Survey for the first time included questions about the impact on businesses of compliance-based regulations, including OHS, employment, environmental, business/trade laws, border security, and product standards/safety.

Workplace safety regulations - essentially the HSE Act and ACC - were reported by 19% of respondents to have enhanced their business, while only 11% reported their business activities were constrained by them. Not only were OHS regulations reported to be the most enhancing, but also enjoyed the greatest (positive) difference between enhancing and constraining.

However, it should be noted that most businesses reported that regulations - including those related to OHS - neither helped nor hindered their operations.

The only other regulatory category which reported more enhancement than constraint were the regulations around product standards/product safety. By contrast, 21% of responding businesses reported they felt constrained by employment law and only 11% felt enhanced by it.

Businesses also devoted more time to health and safety regulatory matters than any other category, with 44% reporting they spent significant time on OHS, compared to 38% for employment and 20% on product standards/product safety.

A significant proportion of businesses - 41% - reported they had upskilled their staff in response to regulatory requirements.

The survey also asked about the HSNO Act and found 26% of responding businesses said they used hazardous substances and 22% stored them, while 11% disposed of them and only 2% manufactured them.

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