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Forging relationships

Forging relationships
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New Zealand

Plans for a formalised Memorandum of Understanding between the Safety Council and the NZ Institute of Safety Management remain on course, even though matters could not be finalised before the initial deadline of November 16.

David Calvert says both organisations recognise the importance of presenting a unified front on matters of key importance, and positive discussions are continuing.

NZISM national manager Tony Rigg says the institute was largely to blame for the MOU's original deadline being missed, because it has been involved in some internal restructuring since its new national leadership team took office in September.

"No reflection on the previous team, but things are moving pretty quickly in the OHS field at the moment and we have had to put some new initiatives in place to deal with this environment," he says. "However we will be meeting with the Safety Council this week to lay down a framework for moving forward."

Rigg says the two bodies have some differences on the question of qualifications, but there is no reason why this should derail the MOU.

"Everything is up for negotiation, but there are some fundamentals that we may have to disagree on. Nonetheless negotiations are going well and we are very hopeful of reaching an agreement about minimum standards. We will certainly reach an understanding of some type. With the government demanding change in the OHS industry there is no longer any room for negativity or bipartisanism."

The institute is also working to formalise its relationship with the NZ Occupational Health Nurses' Association, and Rigg says the groups' shared history means they are looking to forge an agreement that will be stronger than an MOU.

"We feel some form of partnership agreement is more appropriate because we work very closely with one another, so we need a document that will accurately reflect this situation. For the institute our relationship with the NZOHNA is an integral part of what we do."

The organisations have just released a joint letter of intent, signed by both Rigg and NZOHNA national president Terry Buckingham, which acknowledges their long-standing relationship, and reaffirms their commitment to work together.

The letter says the two groups, who have long shared an annual conference, are exploring options for further collaboration and looking for mutually beneficial ways to work together more closely in the future.

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David Calvert; Tony Rigg; Terry Buckingham
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NZISM; New Zealand Safety Council; NZOHNA
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