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Call for ACC to cover illness

Call for ACC to cover illness
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New Zealand

Labour's ACC spokesman, Andrew Little, has told a conference that ACC's coverage should be extended to people who suffer illness or disease, and for the fully-funded model to be replaced with a pay-as-you-go scheme. Both moves would be in line with the recommendations of the original Woodhouse Report of 1967.

Little said covering people for incapacity due to injury but not illness was an injustice with no logical backing.

''If it was unjust for the legal system to discriminate on the basis of where an injury was suffered, or whether fault could be established, then it is surely unjust to discriminate between incapacity caused by a physical injury and incapacity caused by sickness or disease."

The fully-funded model for ACC was set up when the employers' account was briefly opened to competition from private insurers. Little said now that was no longer the case the original pay-as-you-go funding model should be revived.

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Andrew Little
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Labour Party; ACC
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