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From management to health

From management to health
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New Zealand

Massey University's ergonomics and occupational health and safety courses will gain a higher profile next year when they move from the Management School to a newly created College of Health.

Professor Stephen Legg says that everything the university does in the health area is being brought together into a new combined college, focused on prevention rather than cure.

"It's all about health promotion, and will include things like sport and exercise, rehabilitation, food, nutrition, and the social and economic factors that underpin healthy living. Naturally occupational health and safety and ergonomics fit absolutely perfectly within that model."

He says the disciplines will retain strong links with the School of Management, but will at the same time gain much wider exposure by being part of the same school as nursing, rehabilitation studies, health science, sports science, and public health.

"Over the next year or two the college will be creating new programmes and we're likely to find students from a variety of fields incorporating some occupational health and safety into their courses. It will certainly up the profile of occupational health, and we'll also be more closely linked to the Centre for Public Health Research, which will be part of the same College."

Existing courses, like the Graduate Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health and post-graduate ergonomics courses, will be retained but may be reconfigured over coming years.

"Everything will be the same as normal next year but beyond that we will be looking to create some additional qualifications, and possibly change the way a GradDipOSH is constructed. This move will materially strengthen what we can offer, and attract a wider range of students, so it's a win-win."

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