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Safeguard OSH Solutions - Thomson Reuters

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OHS income data

OHS income data
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New Zealand

How much you earn compared to other OHS people can be placed in some kind of context following the results of this year's Safeguard salary survey, whose 255 respondents had a median base income (not including allowances) of $74,630, a little higher than last year's figure of $72,317.

However this overall figure disguises a number of differences based on role and gender. Least well remunerated were those respondents who worked in enforcement, whose median base income was $64,170. (There were only eight such respondents, so that figure should be treated with caution.) Occupational health nurses - numbering 29 respondents - had a median of $69,170.

The highest incomes were reported by the large majority - 184 of them - who ticked the "health and safety practitioner" box: their median base income was $76,970. When this group is examined by gender, however, a different story emerges: the 106 men earned a median of $80,310 while the 78 women earned only $69,750.

A full anonymised dataset - with all text responses stripped off - is available for $45 + GST for those who wish to drill a little deeper. Orders to or phone 0800 10 60 60.

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