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First private prosecution

First private prosecution
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New Zealand

A union has successfully concluded the first private prosecution to be lodged under the HSE Act since the legislation was amended in 2003 to allow private prosecutions if the Department of Labour (as it was then) chose not to prosecute.

The case was brought by the New Zealand Meatworkers' Union Inc against South Pacific Meats Ltd on behalf of one of the employees at the Southland plant.

The company was fined $23,000 and ordered to pay $5000 in reparation to the victim, Henry Kingi, who lost part of his thumb in a shank saw in 2010 (Invercargill DC, 11 June 2012)

The Southland Times reports the court found the company had not provided Mr Kingi with adequate training and supervision on the use of the shank saw, nor had it provided a table to use to stack product when he was having difficulty keeping up with the chain.

However the court found Mr Kingi was partly responsible because he had been smoking cannabis before coming to work. If that had not been the case the fine could have been nearer to $45,000.

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Henry Kingi
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New Zealand Meatworkers' Union Inc; South Pacific Meats Ltd
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