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CTU calls for corporate manslaughter

CTU calls for corporate manslaughter
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New Zealand

The Council of Trade Unions (CTU) is calling for the introduction of corporate manslaughter into criminal law, amongst other things, in its submission to the the Pike River inquiry. This move would follow the UK, which introduced the offence corporate manslaughter in 2006.

CTU president Helen Kelly said that testimony presented to the inquiry revealed overworked, under resourced health and safety inspectors, and an increasingly dangerous mine.

"Until those responsible for the health and safety of the workers can be held directly responsible for the deaths of workers through corporate manslaughter charges, we feel that the present legal framework fails to recognise the moral outrage that a community feels when a death occurs," said Kelly.

The CTU's submission also calls for a strengthened and independent tripartite agency responsible for the development, enforcement and administration of the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992, and much greater employee participation in health and safety at work.

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