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Work injury claim rates decline

Work injury claim rates decline
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New Zealand

Figures released by Statistics NZ show a steady decline in work-related ACC injury claim rates over the 2002 to 2009 period, from 143 to 114 per 1000 full-time equivalent workers.

The provisional rate for 2010 continues the trend, with the 209,700 total claims producing a rate of 109 claims per 1000 FTE. (These figures are provisional because not all claims for injuries in 2010 have been finalised.)

In 2010 four occupational groups had claim rates significantly higher than all other groups: agriculture and fishing (241 claims per 1000 FTE), trades (202), elementary occupations eg labourers/cleaners (200) and plant and machine operators/assemblers (188).

The claim rates for these four occupational groups were more than double those for any other, with the fifth highest being service and sales workers (just under 90 per 1000 FTE).

Entitlement claims - those made for the most serious injuries - made up 11 percent of the total in 2010, while the most common injury type was sprains and strains, which made up 43 percent of all claims. The claim rate for men was almost double that for women (139 versus 71 claims per 1000 FTE).

In terms of age groups, the highest number of claims was made by workers in the 45 to 54 bracket, while the oldest group - 65 and over - made the fewest claims. However when these figures are analysed by numbers of people working, a quite different picture emerges. The highest rate of claims in 2010 was made by the 65+ group (166 claims per 1000 FTE), followed by the youngsters 15-24, with a rate of 129.

Looking at the trends from 2002 to 2009 by injury type, three have declined particularly quickly, while one has increased markedly. The number of claims for fractures has declined from 9600 in 2002 to 6100 in 2009; for crushing injuries from 2600 to 1800; and for foreign bodies in eyes from 13000 to 7600.

However in the illness/disease category, claims for diseases of the ear and mastoid process have risen from 4100 in 2002 to 9100 in 2009.

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