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Safeguard OSH Solutions - Thomson Reuters

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NOV/DEC 1995 – ISSUE 34

Customers need not doubt the grip offered by any surface in [Glenfield Mall]. [He] says slip tests are regularly conducted to comply with standards, but confusion over whether a suitable dry-testing machine is available has led the mall to conduct all its tests using the much more stringent wet-testing pendulum machine. St Lukes Group building manager Brian Read says the problem of customer falls is something to take quite seriously. “It’s probably our biggest hazard as far as malls are concerned. If any staff member sees a spill then they stand over it to isolate the hazard, and we call in the cleaners. But we can only do that if we see the spill. [He is] well aware of [the company’s] responsibility to both staff and public under the HSE Act to maintain safe floor surfaces.

[Extract from a feature on flooring slip resistance]

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