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NZISM Perspective—CPD launched with a bang

The special guests couldn’t make it, but the NZISM successfully introduced its new professional grades and CPD system, report NEVILLE ROCKHOUSE and PAUL JARVIE.

In the systems-based approach toward safety management where risk assessment is of paramount importance to managing significant hazards, who would have ever considered a worst case scenario where the eruptions of a volcano in Iceland would have a negative impact on an historical day for the safety industry in New Zealand?

Well it did.

After years of research and public consultation the launch of NZISM’s professional grading system was to have been attended by two delegates from the Institution for Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) UK – the newly elected president, John Holden, and professional affairs director, Hazel Harvey. Unfortunately they were prevented from attending by the Iceland volcanic eruption in April.

Present however were many guests including from the DoL, ACC, Site Safe, and Massey University along with representatives from several other training organisations. Eleven NZISM national executive members and branch managers attended as the organisation signed its memorandum of understanding with IOSH.

The system will align NZISM members with a grade that is internationally acceptable and transferable. It allows members to participate in a career pathway with confidence knowing that what education they are undertaking will have some objective outcome. The grades are:

  • • 
    Affiliate – beginner.
  • • 
    Technician – practical experience but no formal qualifications.
  • • 
    Graduate – undertaken and passed tertiary level education.
  • • 
    Certified Member – undergone peer review and assessment.
  • • 
    Fellow – by their knowledge and manner are mutually respected.
  • • 
    Life/Honorary – long serving and respected member.

All members with a grading above affiliate must undertake annual continuous professional development (CPD). This is fundamental to any profession and is welcomed by NZISM. This will mean that members participate in a learning plan that they create. Records of this plan and activities must be logged for audit purposes.

From a practical perspective, NZISM had been operating this since November last year, as if the MoU had already been signed.

What does this mean to our members?

  • • 
    Members who sent in their educational CVs have now been assessed by IOSH. This fully independent process determines what grade they now have under the new NZISM grading scheme. Already another twenty are being prepared to be sent to the UK for grading. The number of applications was far more than expected so it has taken a little longer for those to be processed.
  • • 
    NZISM is very close to finalising the web links for members to access the CPD system within IOSH. Again, once this is finalised and has been fully tested, they will be able to start their official CPD programme.
  • • 
    Members should check the NZISM web page ( for more information regarding grading and CPD. This site will become the major conduit for all CPD information.
  • • 
    CPD is a journey not a destination and once started remains for one’s professional life.

After four years of planning, the future of OHS has begun in New Zealand. As a safety professional you are now the master of that future so please get involved, get started and make progress.

The DoL announced at the launch that approximately 120 more people from the department would be joining NZISM in the coming months. With this level of support it is believed that CPD will become the norm within a very short space of time.

There has been an unprecedented level of support for the initiative. We are confident that over time our members will enjoy a world class qualification with the ability to transfer these skills internationally. It is now up to businesses to lift their game and only engage professionals and qualified consultants.

The NZISM represents the interests of individual members who work in OHS at private, corporate or public sector organisations throughout the country. It helps members develop their skills and knowledge as health and safety professionals in their organisations or business. The introduction of the CPD programme brings this body up to world class standards. For more information on becoming a member of NZISM, visit:

NEVILLE ROCKHOUSE is the NZISM national operations & CPD manager.

PAUL JARVIE is the NZISM special projects manager.

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