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Safeguard OSH Solutions - Thomson Reuters

Safeguard OSH Solutions - Thomson Reuters

Safeguard Climate Survey - outputs

Report 1: Multi-choice responses – overall, with benchmarks for comparison

Shows numerically and graphically the overall responses to each of the 30 multi-choice questions.

Alongside each question’s results sit two benchmark results for comparison: the average response for this question from all climate survey respondents to date; and the average response for this question from respondents in your industry sector to date.

For statistical reasons, the industry sector benchmark is made available only where there are at least two other organisations in your sector which have already completed the survey.

“Industry sector” means the top level industry divisions as defined in ANZSIC 2006.

See an example question report here (without benchmarks)

Report 2: Multi-choice responses by respondent membership group you have specified

In the same format as the overall report (but without benchmarking).

For example, if you required respondents to specify which branch they work at, and there were three branches to select from, then you will get three reports, one for each branch.

These reports allow you to quickly assess if there are any significant differences in the responses to each question by different groupings of respondents.

Report 3: Text responses

Every response to the four questions for which respondents can give written replies.

This is where the multi-choice responses are fleshed out. This is where you’ll find the great ideas for improvement.

Note that we read every response first and redact anything which might inadvertently lead to the identification of an individual. That is, we replace the piece of text with another version which retains the meaning but does not lead to an individual being identifiable.

We do this because the survey is anonymous to encourage honest responses.

Report 4: The raw numeric data (spreadsheet)

We provide the spreadsheet to allow you to further analyse the results if you wish.