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Safeguard OSH Solutions - Thomson Reuters

Safeguard OSH Solutions - Thomson Reuters

Safeguard Climate Survey - FAQ

Who developed the survey?

Safeguard editor Peter Bateman developed the survey using his experience over 20 years of talking to people about their health and safety needs, and feedback from readers about how the kind of leading indicators they would like.

What is Safeguard's role?

Safeguard functions as an independent third party to securely gather survey data.

Safeguard does not offer post-survey consultancy services.

How many questions are in the survey?

There are 30 multi-choice questions and four where there is the option to write something. The questions cover five topics: • Risk • Communications • Safety • Occupational health • Wellbeing

Can I see the survey questions?

Not in advance, in order to protect our intellectual property. But here are some of the questions to give you an idea. All may be answered by selecting from 5 options: * Strongly agree * Agree * Neither agree nor disagree * Disagree * Strongly disagree

Q: In the last month I have taken at least one risky short-cut (to save time or effort)

Q: I often discuss health and safety issues with my supervisor

Q: When a safety problem is identified it is swiftly fixed

Q: My hearing is getting worse and I think my work contributes to it

Q: Bullying, harassment or violence is not tolerated around here

Every respondent will know how to answer every question – no technical or legal knowledge is required.

Can I customise the questions to suit how my organisation works?

No and Yes.

The questions relating to the five topics are standard and may not be customised. This is to allow benchmarking.

However before these questions appear there is a fully customisable first section which asks respondents to identify themselves according to broad parameters you specify.

Examples of possible identification questions, each of which would have selectable options, include: * Gender * Age group * Branch or location * Business unit * Seniority level

You select these types of question to enable deeper analysis of the survey results.

Note that you need to be careful not to present options which apply only to a small number of potential respondents, in order to preserve respondent anonymity.

We have staff who don’t have company email addresses – how to reach them?

If you have people’s personal email addresses with permission to use them then you can distribute the survey that way.

If you have a training centre with computer access then you have the option of inviting people to complete the survey there (we can set up your survey to allow multiple responses from the same computer).

You also have the option of printing the survey and giving it to each person for whom you do not have an email address, along with a prepaid reply envelope with Safeguard’s address on it.

How is the survey invitation issued?

It must come from someone within the organisation, not from Safeguard.

It could be the H&S manager, the HR manager, or a more senior executive. We recommend the invitation comes from the most senior relevant person to underline the value of the exercise and to encourage more responses.

We will provide you with a sample invitation email, with the survey link included. You can amend the text of the email as you wish.

How long is the survey open for?

The timing is for you to decide. We recommend two weeks, with a reminder email (and link) after one week.

How can we maximise responses?

We can provide you with running totals of responses by branch or business unit (or however you have customised it) every few days.

This gives you the opportunity to identify any particular part of the business which is lagging behind the others so you can ask them to take action.

It can also serve to create a sense of competition: which part of the business can generate the highest rate of response?